News from the Travemuende Speedsailing in the Trave River Sailing Arena

Great Speedsailing Races with the Tornado in front of 10.000 spectators in the Trave River Sailing Arena


Several thousand people on weekends at the 121st Travemünde Week , the first sailing race followed on the Travelodge . According to the official races on the Bay of Lübeck had the fast Tornado catamaran on the narrow waterway an exciting look . " Sailing to touch is best! "was the unanimous opinion of the spectators and the assets. At the premiere on Saturday night ( July 24 ) Roland Gaebler and Nahid victorious from Tinglev - what a deserved reward for a co-founder and tireless fighter for the attraction of sailing.


The tension crackles in the Trave promenade, where race director Walter Mielke over loudspeakers the countdown for the first start count down . Eight Zweirumpfboote looking a few yards from the pier , the best start position for fresh , gusty northwest winds traveeinwärts good to get away . Finally, the whole course is only 1,400 feet long. When the horn sounds , the pulse on board and on the quay suggests even higher. "This is sensational, unbelievable good, " one elderly man in the sailor Village enthuses , "that was missing still . "


As a throw in the Kats to the first turning mark, also Mielke gets out of the house : "We are spoiled by fate - better the conditions not to be. "The audience thanked him the implementation of the sailing arena Travelodge with applause . " That is top notch , show what the guys there, " says Volker Schaffhauser from Bielefeld , "I have sat on holiday even before on such a boat. So closely together to drive at the speeds these maneuvers , fascinating, a Höchtleistung . " With the guys he must also think Nahid Gaebler , crew of the three-time world champion , who saves with his wife in first lead after a moderate start to the final. "Although we had our hands full, we have so many visitors , of course, happy animal , "said the Dane , " who were even compared to the Priwall side , shoulder to shoulder and watched. "In the second race saw the sailing fans a Quick start of the local heroes from Helge and Christian Sach Zarnekau , but which were clearly leading in a downturn hole and missed the final round. "Permanent position changes are but the icing on the cake , even if it has caught us this time , "said helmsman Helge Sach, "it was nevertheless a giant fun. "


In the finale it was topsy -turvy. Three crews contributed to an early start and were disqualified at the end. GER 1 and rolled the box from behind. As one of its best times of the current president of the International Tornado Class Association contributed also to its large obstacles, such as pleasure boats and museum ships around. "This has to be re- olympic "said Roland Gaebler , who is fighting for a place in its class in 2016 in Brazil after the 2008 tornado has been removed from the Olympic stage. The dubbing for the show came from the highest authority . " Those were determined 30,000 spectators along the Rennkurses "counted Rolf Bähr (Berlin ) as President of the German Sailing Association ( DSV ), " it was a wonderful advertisement for our sport . " And as a few minutes after the last goal through even the Travelodge claimed again the next large ferries for commercial shipping , Mielke thanked all the authorities for the approval of a unique festival spectacle , and the Gaebler sagged a "hundreds "of the Casino Casino Travemünde and a bottle of champagne for the heroes of the day one .


The races in the sailing arena Travelodge every day from about 17 clock planned. The exact start time depends on the race will move on the flanks and the passages of the large vessels . It will be announced over the loudspeaker. After the tornado on Monday , the Hobie Tiger and Wildcat 's your turn , followed by the association in 1999 , the Hobie 16, and twice the Formula18 catamarans (Thursday / Friday) , the A -Cats at the end. A race lasts only about a quarter of an hour and will be live commentary .

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