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Tornado Speedsailing News - Kieler Woche 2012 – Audi Sailing Arena

21. to 24. June 2012

Mixed Tornado Teams are the fastest in the Audi Sailing Arena at Kieler Woche 2012                    


It was a great emotional race in the Audi Sailing Arena during Kieler Woche. The Tornado Speedsailing was in the habourchannel of Kiel Sailing City. The weather was wild and crazy. Sun, rain, calm, strong gusts, thunderstorm packed in all the racing days.

12 Tornado teams from 6 countries were entered. Some of them capsized on the way to the Arena so badly, they were not able to get to the starting line of the regatta.

Especially on the first day we nearly got every second an adrenaline kick with each gust in the Audi Sailing Arena. The second day was unfortunately not sailed because of total calm. Then we had some sprint races between the fronts of the thunderstorms. This brought us back to our speed limit. The final day bought us heavy rain, which took almost our vision.

In this challenging weather we won 7 out of 8 races, our first victory at Kieler Woche as a mixed team in the Open Tornado event. Last year we were second overall. We are really happy, and feel very honored to win in the biggest sailing festival in the world, and that we came so well through the regatta.

Second was a new mixed team with Stephanie Rosse and Michael Gloor from Switzerland. Third place went to John Ready and Martin Sedevic from England. It’s the first time two mixed teams are in the front of the Kieler Woche. Both teams have intention to make an Olympic campaign for Rio 2016.

Kiel Week www.kieler-woche.de

Information and photos are www.teamgaebler.de

Video from TeamGaebler (german) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ6NTOg2NPI


Photo in HQ in the download section
Photo in HQ in the download section

Tornado Speedsailing News

14 to 15 April – Vltava River, Prague City Centre


Tight Tornado contest in the City Centre of Prague


On the Vltava River between Zeleznicni and Palacky Bridge, right in the heart of Prague, the 4thinternational exhibition of boats on the water was held. As part of the largest sailing events in the Czech Republic with a regular attendance of over 10,000 participants, the Tornado Class held another successful Speedsailing event.


The event was divided into two races. The first took place on Saturday morning and was called the BROKER BUSINESS REGATTA. A leading Czech yachtsman such as Zdenek Pavlis, 13 times national champion, or even our most famous ocean yachtsman and holder of 28 national championship medals - David Krizek would helm the boat with representatives of large corporations such as Jaroslav Besperát of CPP, and Peter Hruby of BROKER CONSULTING.


Saturday bought a beautiful sunny day with light winds. Battles were very balanced and there were plenty of close passages near the shore, which was very attractive for the thousands of spectators lining the shore. The overall winner was team BROKER CONSULTING 1 -David Krizek and Peter Hruby. The second crew drove team UNIQA - Zdenek Pavlis and Zbynek Vesely and third team CP INVEST - Ivan Ptacnik and Jan Forejt.


In the afternoon, after the ceremony proceeded the catamarans went back onto the water but this time with full racing crews. The wind was quite weak and very variable. However, the race committee headed by Martin Souškem managed to make three races. The best performing crew were UNIQA, who managed to secure themselves three race bullets.


The evening entertainment was held in the restaurant in YC CERE where photographer Martina Barnet projected photographs from the day.


On Sunday, racers woke up to completely different weather conditions. There was a moderate to strong breeze and overcast skies, which were bound to bring rain.


This lead to some full on Tornado sailing action with hulls out of the water and twin trapezing around the short course creating the best possible action for the crowds. The visitors really enjoyed the unique spectacle and received their reward for putting up with the bad weather.


David Krizek and Zdeněk Adamfought at full speed to get the first three places across the line leading to whatthey thought was the overall victory. They later found out that in the second race due to an error they were disqualified.


The overall winners were team UNIQA – Zdenek Pavlis and Jiri Pavlis (racing for PREFA Hubenov), the second team was BROKER CONSULTING 1 - David Krizek and Zdeněk Adam (competing for the CK Fischer) and the third team BROKER CONSULTING 2 - Jan Petrak and Frantisek Marek (racing ABACUS ELETRIC).


The opening of this year’s exhibition was connected with a charity auction for the benefit of the civic association. The gala evening, held on the boat River Classic, raised a total of 2.831 € through auctioning sailing jackets from David Krizek, photos from sailing catamarans environment photographer Martina Barnet, diamond jewellery from Miss Lucie Krizek (Miss Czech 2003) and a Tomas Berdych tennis racket.


The funds raised will go to helpt wins Charlotte and Ester Machala who have been diagnosed with musculara trophy.


Sponsors, spectators, competitors and exhibitors were extremely satisfied with this year and the planning fornext year has already begun, led once again by the plant manager and chief organizer Marcel Mourek.




1st BROKER CONSULTING 1 - D.Krizek and P. Hruby - 1, 2, 1

2nd UNIQA – Z. Pavlis and Z.Vesely - 2, 1, 2

3rd CP INVEST – I. Ptacnik and J.Forejt - 4, 4, 3

4th AXA - B. Fousek and V. Zahradnik- 3, DSQ, 4

5th CPP - A. Novak and J. Besperát- 6, 3, 5

6th BROKER CONSULTING 2 - J.Petrak and O. Schejbal - 5, 5, 6


PRAGUE SPEED Catamaran Regatta2012 (April 14-15, 2012)


1st UNIQA - Z. Pavlis and J.Pavlis (PREFA Hubenov) - 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2

2nd BROKER CONSULTING 1 - D.Krizek, and Z. Adam (CK Fischer) - 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1

3rd BROKER CONSULTING 2 - J.Petrak and F. Marek (ABACUS) - 3, 3, 6, 3, 3, 3

4th INVEST CP – I. Ptacnik and V.Lambl - 4, 6, 5, 4, 4, DNF

5th AXA - J. Fousek and B. Kolb (BENTEX Plastic) - 6, 4, 3, DNC, DNC, DNC

6th CPP - A. Novak and M. Novak -5, 5, 4, DNC, DNC, DNC


Regatta Partners


Gold - Broker Consulting, UNIQA,CPP, AXA INVEST CP



Photos  By: Martina Barnetová

Free HQ download at http://www.speedsailing.org/photo-downloads/


More wind, more action, more crowds and much closer action on day two of the Hydropool Tornado Speed Sailing at the PSP Southampton Boat Show


Set directly off the impressive marina pontoons of the boat show, the Hydropool Tornado fleet raced four races over a 100 metre windward/leeward course. The speed sailing format provides fast turn around crash and burn racing, with two minute start sequences immediately after the finish of the previous race, and no discards allowed!


Day one was fun but day two bought more action for the crowds who flocked to see the high performance Tornado catamaran racing at its best. The sailors woke up to stronger winds across the Solent with up to 20knots for the 8 teams hoping to get as many races as possible into a one hour time slot.


There was time for 5 races which provided close racing for the spectators watching from the marina pontoons, the gusty conditions generated many oohs and aahs from the shore with lots of near misses and fast manoeuvres. The short race course lead to plenty of changes in positions throughout the races where one wrong move or slow gybe took the sailors from first to last.


It was current UK National Champions Grant Piggot and Robby Jon Garka who came out on top of the results board with an impressive 5 race wins on Sunday. They were closely followed by Tim Neale, a new edition to the Tornado fleet who ditched his Capricorn F18 for the weekend. In 3rd place was Phil Marks with consistent results throughout the series.


Thank you to Hydropool Hot Tubs and Spas for sponsoring the event. Grant and Robby collected the UK Speed Sailing Cup at the Hydropool stand within the PSP Southampton Boat Show.


Facebook - www.facebook.com/tornadoclass

Videos Saturday - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyiicVJ8614

Sunday - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAwAe-wCyWM



Tornado Speedsailing at PSP Southampton Boat Show


Visitors to this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show will be able to witness a fresh new attraction, in the form of Tornado Speedsailing.


Set in front of the impressive PSP boat show marina and it's exhibiting craft, the Tornado high performance multihulls will be racing over minute courses, providing spectators with a full view of the on the water action. Speed sailing is completely different from the normal formats experienced by club or Olympic sailors, and is exactly what it suggests.


Set over extremely short courses, the race emphasis removes much of the tactical decisions normally dominating race courses, and focuses the crew’s attention to squeezing every last drop of speed from their boats. Racing will take place on the final weekend of the PSP Southampton Boat Show, September 24-25th. To further spectator enjoyment, race marks will be laid parallel to the marina pontoons, irrespective of wind direction. Adopting the fixed mark format ensures spectators will be as close to the on the water action as possible, witnessing every jostle for position.


The speed sailing concept was spawned from the International Tornado class association's desire to provide high octane short course racing, in close confines. The former Olympic catamaran has made great strides in promoting multihull racing since the controversial removal of the discipline from the games. Now reinstated for the Rio 2016 games, the multihull class is the only mixed gender event, and is witnessing a host of current Olympians trying their hands at twin hulled performance racing.


All Information at  www.tornado-class.org 

Tornado Speed ​​Sailing - Audi Sailing Arena,

Kieler Woche, The Full Report


Close to the large crowds and starting on time in every wind condition, the Formula 1 of sailing, the ultra fast Tornado catamaran held a total of 27 short, action packed races in a 7 day period during this famous sailing regatta.

The event, held in the Audi Sailing arena in the centre of Kiel proved difficult due to the unfortunate light winds and therefore the Tornados were not flying around as intended. However, Friday provided gusts of 30 knots which allowed the sailors to pull enough stunts which were then rewarded with standing ovations from the audience.

Audi Sailing Arena

The Audi Sailing Arena was the only race course at Kieler Woche close to the land where the audience could get involved with the racing, seeing every move the sailors made. Live tracking was also provided for them to watch the progress on the big screen. The concept worked, even with the heavy shipping traffic passing through the race course. The audience were holding their breath while watching the manoeuvres the sailors made to avoid collisions adding more action and thrills.


TV Coverage

Every day German TV stations were creating reports on the Tornado in the Audi Sailing Arena. Unfortunately, the live TV reception antenna was hit by bad weather on the first day putting it out of action for the rest of the week. Before that the 8 Tornados were being streamed live onto the Internet.


Sponsors and Partners Ride
On the journey between the boat park and the Audi Sailing Arena the Tornado sailors took guests of the sponsors and partners of Kieler Woche for a ride they won't forget. Around 80 people took part during the 7 days. Every guest put on a trapeze harness and flew over the waves hanging out the side of the Tornado. It was a great experience and an unforgettable adrenaline rush for the lucky few who came on board. The sailors made good money from entertaining the guests and taking them sailing on the Tornado.

Return of a Legend

We also had the return of a Tornado legend, Dr. Rene Schwall for the second half of the week. He has not raced the Tornado since the Olympics and winning his bronze medal in Sydney. Lack of experience since 2000 didn't stop him taking victory in two of the races.

New Sailors

Rene sailed with Odefey Maren, one of the many new female sailors in the Tornado Class. Since the announcement of a Mixed Multihull the Tornado Class has attracted many new female sailors who want to follow in the footsteps of Carolijn Brouwer, sailing as part of a Mixed Tornado team at the Olympic Games.


The Champions

Winner of the Kieler Woche 2011 were the team of Heiko Soehl and Thomas Noll (GER), who sailed well throughout the series, a well deserved victory after 27 races. They were crowned champions just before the Saga concert. This team have already successfully sailed together for years and can now sail their career with a crowning victory during Kieler Woche. Team Gaebler, current World Champions were second at the end of the event. They were unfortunate and were hit with a material failure on the last day of practice which destroyed their boat, luckily this was then hastily repaired over 2 days. The Tornado World Championship winning boat is now not usable in future events and they are on the hunt for a new Tornado for the upcoming Tornado Championships (www.tornadochampionships.com).


Overall the outcome of the Kieler Woche Speed Sailing was terrific. In every race the crowds were shown fantastic sailing action and entertainment. Together with Audi and the Kieler Woche partners and a dedicated team from the Kiel Yacht Club, we have successfully delivered a World premiere set to the spectators and media alike. It was a great success for all involved.



In PDF format - http://results.regatta-info.de/upload/ergebnisslisten/2011-06-26-13:14:32-566tornado.pdf


The daily video reports from the Audi Sailing Arena can be found on Tornado TV http://www.tornado-class.tv/


Can be found on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150222185879323.330059.166607964322

More information



Follow the class




Kiel Week - Audi Sailing Arena - Tornado Speed Sailing


Kiel Week, Audi Sailing Arena, Tornado Speed Sailing and Live TV - what more could you ask for....


For the first time in sailing history a race course has been named by a sponsor. The Tornado Class will be sailing every evening between the 18th and 26th June in the Audi Sailing Arena at the North end of the promenade outside the Kieler Yacht Club, Kieler.


The Audi Sailing Arena is just meters away from the crowds of Kieler Woche right in the heart of the city, some 3 million visitors from 60 nations visit the sailing regatta every year and will be watching the evening sailing action. Spectacular, high speed, wild manoeuvres and stunts are guaranteed!


It's a world premiere and we want to invite you!


Speed Sailing Races


Racing will commence every evening between 1530 and 1730hrs CET whether there is 1 knot or 30 knots of wind. Sailors from a range of nations and classes will battle it out in 6-8 short races a day to become the Speed Sailing Champions. All of the races will be commentated from next to the water so the crowds can understand the racing and feel the passion and emotion of the sailors.


As well as sponsoring the Sailing Arena, Audi will also sponsor 4 teams in the racing, the sailors will benefit from fully branded Audi boats and sails.


This is the third Speed Sailing Event for the Tornado Class, the launch of Speed Sailing was in Travemunde, Germany in late July last year. The second event was in the Czech Republic earlier in this year.


Watch the Travemunde Speed Sailing Video - http://youtu.be/N7umw4t0Hpk


On Board Cameras


The Tornado's will be fitted with on board cameras in 12 different positions over the 9 days of racing. Every evening the Tornado Class will be producing a 1-2 minute video of the day's action on their YouTube channel (www.tornado-class.tv).


German Stars Try The Tornado


During the week a number of German sports stars will be given a ride on the Tornado from the boat park into the Audi Sailing Arena in the heart of the city.


Rock Bands


After racing legendary rock bands such as Saga, Alphaville, Barclay James and Harvest will play to entertain the crowds right next to the Audi Sailing Arena.


Media, Live TV and 3D Tracking


Top German TV channels will be following the action live from the Sailing Arena along with Sail.tv (www.sail.tv) who will run a direct feed for the sailing World to see between 1630 and 1730hrs CET.


This event will produce fantastic media value for the sailors taking part and their sponsors across the World. There has not been another beach catamaran that has received so much media attention at one event.


3D boat tracking is also available through www.kieler-woche.de


Tornado Wake Boarding


Roland and Nahid Gaebler kick started the week in style by taking a wake boarder for a ride behind their Wirsol Tornado.


Photos can be seen here - http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.218052118225086.62578.111244852239147 




Welcome to the Audi Sailing Arena..... where the ultimate sailing action happens!


More updates to come very soon.


The Latest Action From The Tornado Class



Kieler Woche 2011 and Tornado Speedsailing proudly present the new “Audi Sailing Arena”


The Tornado Class and Kieler Woche Management officially announce the new “Audi Sailing Arena” in the Centre of Kiel Sailing City at the Kieler Woche 18.-26th June 2011.

First time in sailing history a racing course gets a name from a company/brand. We are very proud to start a new era in sail racing with Audi Car Germany together at the Kieler Woche.

We believe in the high potential of sail racing as a spectator and media sport. And we will make it the way it works. With our “Sailing Arena Concept” we are going to the next level of sailing events.

We will use 10 spectacular Tornado Catamarans and we sail 6 sprint-races per day in the Centre of Kiel, where Audi Sailing Arena is. Start is exact on time between 1 and 35knots of Wind to be reliable for spectators and media.

We do sail racing as close as possible to the shoreline and promenade. Races are commentated and visualized by tracking system. The audiences can overview the whole Audi Sailing Arena from shore and online via internet.

International Champions and Olympic Medal winners will compete in this event. We make sailing affordable and accessible and supply Tornados also for sailors from emerging countries.

We plan to have 6 camera positions (gennacker pole, rear beam, mast top, boom, bow, helmet) on board and 6 camera positions at the Audi Sailing Arena (cam-ribs, crane, carbostick, sit-in-mark, pier/bridge).

We plan to have live TV and live video stream with high quality pictures during the races and full report at the evening primetime. In cooperation with national and international TV and Internet Sailing Channels, we want show sailing with small boats in a new style.

After the races, one of the best international and German Rock stars will play their Music beside the Audi Sailing Arena. We will bring sail racing and entertainment together to volume up our sport to a new level.

We welcome you! Sail and Fly with us in the new Audi Sailing Arena at Kieler Woche 2011. We will Rock the Race.


Tornado Class opens new Sailing Arena at Kieler Woche 2011 –


Sail, Fly and Race`n´Rock at its best in Kiel Sailing City


We are back. Better than ever. The Kieler Woche management made an announcement to implement our new Speedsailing racing style with Tornados into their program.


We will present a new Sailing Arena in the centre of Kiel and we will deliver adrenaline speedsailing races in June 2011 for spectators and the media.


TORNADO SAIL`N´FLY. Close action, engrossing battles, slick commentary, short races, legendary skippers and all starting on time. It's sailing as we have never seen it before, and tailor-made to be both spectator and media friendly. With the new One Design Tornado we can guarantee the media and spectators to start exact on time between 1 and 35 knots.


And it is more than a partnership between a class and the Kieler Woche event organization. We want to bring forward our sport into a new era that it is accessible and affordable for all sailors and Nations.


The Kieler Woche is one of the biggest sailing and maritime festivals of the world. In 10 days over 3 million people visiting annually the Kieler Woche. All types of boats are coming to Kiel.


Combined with great music and modern art performances this event really rocks. But this time we want to bring our sport closer than ever to the big audience. We sail in the new Sailing Arena inside the city from 18th to 22nd of June 2011. With 10 boats. Full speed ahead.


First time in 129 years of history of the Kieler Woche, high-performance sailing gets connected to the party life and concerts in the centre of the city. This will bring thousands of people close to the sailing area, where the Tornado will perform. This way we will touch the big mass of people.


TORNADO RACE`N´ROCK. We bring sailing and entertainment together the way it was never seen before. Some of the best international Rockstars will play just meters away from the new Sailing Arena. We will volume up the music to the best moves of sailing.


Spectators and sailors can go straight from sailing into the party life. We present pure adrenaline sailing, where the young generation is present. We will rock the sport of sailing in a new way. Stay tuned!


With this test event we want to present a way, how Olympic Sailing can look in the future:


…...more media

We will sail just some meters away from the promenade. This makes it easier to set up the cameras and to follow the races for the journalists. Also a crane can give aerial perspectives. And we will have different camera positions on the Tornados. Besides that, we do guest sailing with the journalists to get them closer to our sport. Leading German TV Channels will show the event at primetime.


……more spectators

Spectators will only come, if you deliver a big spectacle. With the F1 of Sailing we present the best action with guaranteed exact starting times between 1 and 35 knots. Our small compressed course area creates emotional sailing at its best. Races are commentated and easy to overview.


……more ticket sales

Why not sell tickets to the spectators, if we deliver great racing and entertainment? In Kiel we will not do it, because our sponsors will “proudly present” the Sailing Arena and the concerts for free. But we will sale tickets for corporate and guest sailing on the Tornados. Also we sell tickets and packages for the VIP area and VIP lounge.


…….less cost for on-water race management

Any course figuration is allowed in the Sailing Arena. 3 to 5 fixed marks and 2 Ribs needed. A lean race-management and 2 umpires run such an event. The starting line is between a pole at shore and a mark. And we will use signals, which every person will understand. We make sailing as simple and visible as possible. Less cost and more action is our target. Our Energy (Wind) is for free!


…… motivation for the youth

With the Tornados we deliver pure adrenaline sailing at its best, and the youngsters and kids will watch and love it. We do extra sailing events for the youth beside the event. Also we cooperate with the host clubs & sailing schools to invite the young generation at the Arena to get started with sailing.


……money for sailing

Because a Tornado with its size offers great opportunities for corporate sailing, we sell guest sailing to companies, spectators and via websites to all sailing fans. This is one way for the teams to re-finance Sailing.


……open Sail and Fly contest

Together with our partners we create an open contest. At this contest every person can win a trip on a Tornado with a Champion. Sailing and Flying in the trapeze with a Tornado is the Ultimate Sailing Experience for every sportive person. This way we get more people connected to sailing too.


….. best price-performance ratio for sponsors

With simple concepts and instruments we will create a great sailing spectacle with an excellent price-performance ratio in sailing sport. It is a win-win situation for all.


…….accessible and affordable for all sailors

Our wish is, to get future Olympic Sailing into a way that sailors and MNAs can finance it. Income for sailors from Sponsors, Spectators, Corporate and Guest Sailing should be a part of it. Same way we save money with a smart logistic system and high quality boats.


……supporting emerging countries

Because we supply some boats at our event, sailors from all nations can enter without owning a boat. Supplied material is the best and most easy way to motivate emerging and developing nations to step into Olympic sailing.


……more women

Because we promote mixed and women sailing too, we make it easy for women to step in High-speed Sailing. We invite all women to sail with us on the Tornado the ultimate experience. Mixed Sailing is on the road to be an Olympic sport for Rio 2016.


…...perspectives for the future

Our mission is to create a win-win situation for all who are involved in Olympic Sailing. Our sport has great potential. We use the energy of the nature with human power and innovative techniques. It’s time to present the very best of sailing in a better way to the media, spectators and sponsors. At the Sailing Arena in Kiel we will show that the Tornado Multihull is perfect boat for it.


More Information, tickets and entries @



Roland Gaebler

Flensborgvej 67

6360 Tinglev



Tel & Fax. 0045-74648585

Mobil: 0049-172-4543074


The official Press Release from Kieler Woche Management:


Pressrelease Kieler Woche

Kieler Woche more modern than ever

This year’s Kieler Woche will be more modern than ever (18 to 26 June 2011). It will include a debut for two skiff classes and a comeback for two catamaran classes on the Kiel Fjord. This shows the immediate reaction of the persons resonsible for the Kieler Woche on the decision of the International Sailing Federation ISAF on Friday, 12 November, to re-include the catamarans in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016), since their exclusion for 2012.

The former Olympic Tornado in particular wants to use Kieler Woche in the 129th year since its appearance as a venue to prove to be suitable for the catamaran class in Rio. „The Tornados will be sailing very close to the audience in front of the Kieler Yacht Club. The inner fjord thus will become a sailing arena, presented in a competent way at the Audi stage“, says the Chief Race Manager Jobst Richter (Kieler Yacht-Club), who planned the fast catamarans’ performance in the first half of the race week (18 to 22 June). International Tornado Class President Roland Gaebler (Tinglev) promises a great spectacle: "This will be a test for prospective sailing formats. We will be sailing many short races with eight to ten teams. It will be even more brisk than known from the Extreme Sailing Series in Kiel. We will make sure to start the races in time in all conditions - from 1 to 30 knots of wind. Thus we will become a reliable partner for the media and attract spectators, sponsors and young people.“

Also the A-class catamarans will reappear at the Kieler Woche. The single-handed doublehulls were already present in 2001 in front of Schilksee. The decision to sail the next America’s Cup with multihulls also stimulates the one design class, since the A-class catamarans already served as a model for the past AC in February 2010. Even today, AC aspirants gain experience riding on these narrow hulls. Up to 30 A-class catamarans are expected to race together with the F18s and Hobies for the international part of the Kieler Woche (23 to 26 June).


The Musto Performance Skiffs (MPS) will show up in Kiel for the first time. But the premiere will be also a homecoming for the single-handed skiffs with spectacular trapeze and gennaker setup. The concept of the racy class originates from Dr. Joachim Harpprecht from Molfsee (close to Kiel). His construction from 1999 enjoys great popularity in England, where the MPS is built, 200 of them have already been sold. In the past years, the skiff also became more popular in Germany, now counting 50 owners. Among them, Catharina Gauda, who is responsible of the event organisation for the MPS class at the Kieler Woche. „We expect a major international participance. We already received notice from starters from the UK, Norway and the Netherlands“, says Gauda, who is one of the few women in the class. With the German Open and the Europe Cup, the Kieler Woche will be the MPS highlight in the upcoming season.


There is another skiff class having its first big performance at the Kieler Woche 2011. The 29erXXs’ ambition is to be the class for the recently nominated discipline High Performance of the women. Derived from the juvenile skiff, with a larger rig, this class is still developing. Jobst Richter would be satisfied with 10 entries: "We will definitely be open for the innovative classes at the Kieler Woche and keep them in the program permanently, when they have proven their value“, says Richter.

Regatta Dates Kieler Woche 2011: 18 to 26 June.

For further information http://www.kieler-woche.de

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